Optimal health and performance is a delicate balance of nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and natural ability. Training works by placing stress on the body and the body reacting by increasing in strength or ability. Sometimes we push our body too far and others not enough.  Let us help you to train in the most efficient way possible to be the best you can be. 

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Strength & Agility

  • Speed/Agility training -Improve speed and accuracy of movements to get you on top of your game. 

  • Sport Focused - whether you are a volleyball or football player strength training for your sport can help you get ahead.

  • Strength training -Get more power in everything you do and decrease your risk of injury with smart training. Training is tailored to your needs.

  • Basic lifting form-  learn Olympic and basic lifting form in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Strength for Runners - learn how increasing muscle strength can increase your speed.



Performance Testing


Resting Metabolic Rate - find out how many calories your body burns at rest to improve weight loss and performance.

Functional Movement Screen - Learn areas of the body that are moving well and those that could use improvement to help you reach your performance goals faster and injury free.

VO2max - The best measure of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. Tailor your heart rate training and evaluate your improved fitness over time. 

Gait analysis- Detailed analysis of your movement for injury prevention and fine tuning speed and efficiency. 



Functional Movement Screen

Bloodwork for Performance


The basics - These look at blood count, liver/kidney function and electrolytes. Most insurances cover basic labs based on age and health history.

Ferritin - Anemia and low ferritin can be associated with restless legs, cramping and decreased endurance.

Vitamins & Minerals - B12, Zinc, Vitamin D, Folate, Magnesium

Cardiac - By looking at certain chemicals in the blood, it may help determine if you are at higher risk for heart attack and stroke.

Hormones - Metabolic changes can affect mood, weight, energy, libido, mental functioning and much more.

Inflammation markers - While non-specific, these markers can be a sign of over training or illness.

Food & Environmental allergies - A panel of 30+ common foods and 36 local animal, plant and environmental irritants. Start being proactive to stop symptoms.