We are the medical clinic of active individuals for active individuals. We serve those who want to get moving, stay moving or get back on track. Our passion is keeping you moving through non-surgical treatments, preventative health education and exercises.

House Calls and telemedicine visits now available in Kyle for concussion evaluation and urgent care! Call for details.

Muscle & Joint problems

Knee and hip pain - get back to running, jumping and dancing.

Back pain - stay standing strong and healthy.

Foot and ankle pain - keep your support system strong and healthy.


Shoulder pain - keep one of your most used joints ready for anything.

Neck pain - don't let pain keep you from sleeping, sitting and being active pain free.

Hands,wrist and elbow - the joints of fine movement deserve to be in fine working order.



Initial evaluation - Ideally we would like to see you in the first 7 days for a thorough history and exam to get you on the path to recovery.

ImPACT testing - Computer based testing to help in the evaluation of acute head injuries. We provide testing for ages 5+.

Clearance - In Texas, athletes must be cleared by a physician before returning to play. Let us get you back in the game.


Therapy - In some cases referral to special therapist is needed.  Let us help get you into the right hands.

Medication - In a small percentage of patients medication is helpful for recovery.  We have experience with these.



Medical history - Close review of your family and your medical history to better evaluate current and potential problems.

Physical exam - Thorough review all parts of the body and routine gynecological exam for women.

Allergy Testing & Imunotherapy -  Blood tests for food and environmental sensitivities and allergy drops.

Lab work - Most insurances cover basic labs based on age and health history.

Diagnostic tests - As part of preventative health we may order diagnostic studies such as an ECG or mammogram.